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As my final project for a Digital Product Design course, I created a conceptual app called Method, a to-do list that optimizes itself based on deadlines, estimated time needed to complete the task, and subtasks. I developed wireframes ranging from low to high fidelity, finishing with a functional prototype using Adobe XD.

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As a college girl without a car, Uber is often the only way for me to get around. But as a woman, I worry about my safety. This case study was inspired by a desire to come up with a conceptual solution to Uber safety concerns. 



Using an Airbnb I found, I created a website using photos from Unsplash and coded a fully functional desktop and mobile site with HTML and CSS. 



Facebook's position as the largest social media network in the world puts Messenger at an advantage, but how can the app be simplified to better serve the needs of users?

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Venmo: Secure Business Transactions


The possibility of business transactions being misdirected may not be a widespread worry, but the potential consequences could be detrimental to a business owner. 

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