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Get your priorities straight.


We all have trouble managing our to-do list sometimes. Flooded with tasks, we find it difficult to figure out what project to take on first. That was the challenge that inspired Method, an optimized to-do list that uses data such as due dates, time constraints, and subtasks to prioritize the tasks for the user, so all they have to focus on is checking off the boxes. 


1. Rank to-dos based on what the app deems most pressing (based on timing). The user can reorder as they see fit. 
2. Give the user an optimal starting date and/or time to begin a task based on when it should be completed by. 
3. Allows the user to create subtasks to help them complete larger tasks at intervals.
4. Gives the user reminders at optimal intervals from the input of the task until completion. 


Key Takeaways: After interviewing four potential users,  I found that the target audience wanted a to-do list app that is simple and easy to use, with features such as the ability to set reminders, categorize tasks, and prioritize them. Users also value the ability to track progress and receive motivational messages to help them stay focused and motivated. Overall, users are looking for an app that can help them be more productive and achieve their goals.

User Personas: 

Stephen - The Balanced Professional
Stephen is a busy, middle-aged professional who values a healthy work-life balance, as he considers himself strongly to be a "family man." He wants a to-do list app that can help him prioritize tasks and manage his time more effectively , so he can be productive in both sides of his life. 


Maddalena - The Student
Maddalena is a hardworking, third-year history major. She wants to get her work done faster so she can have more free time and avoid burnout. She is looking for a to-do list that can help her stay organized, set deadlines, and track her progress so she can work more efficiently and stay motivated to achieve her goals. 


Amanda - The Small Business Owner
Amanda is a driven entrepreneur who is always striving to improve herself and her business. She wants a to-do list that will help her set clear goals, break them down into actionable steps, and track her progress towards achieving them, so she can stay focused. 


Nicole - The Mother
Nicole is a dedicated parent who wants to spend more quality time with  her family. She is looking for a to-do list that can help her manage her household tasks as well as her job so she can free up more time to spend with her loved ones. 



I created a sitemap to plan out the key interactions in the app, as well as the flow between them. The main capabilities of the app were: 
1. Creating a task
2. Viewing subtasks
3. Completing a task
4. Setting reminders
5. Reordering tasks



The first step to creating the interface of my apps was drafting some low-fidelity wireframes to show only the main function of the app: creating a task. 
I did this in Figma. 


Screenshot 2023-04-01 at 7.42.20 PM.png

Mid-Fidelity Flow
I then went straight into creating my mid-fidelity interfaces, which incorporated design elements. I approached this by creating one function at a time, starting with the "create a task" function, then the login function, and so on, until I had created every screen I thought necessary for a functioning prototype. I did this in Adobe XD. 


Iphone14GhostedMockup02_MicroVolume-2 copy.jpg
Iphone14GhostedMockup02_MicroVolume-2 copy.jpg

Final Flow & Prototype
I prototyped the final flow of the app in Adobe XD. Feel free to explore the prototype with this Adobe XD link! 


Thanks for reading!

I really enjoyed the process of this project, and am working to improve the prototype to make it more accurate and functional. Feedback is always welcome and encouraged, as I am always looking to improve. If you have any feedback or advice, please head to my contact page! 

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